Chicago-land: $175 Minimum
Indianapolis, IN: $800 Minimum
Milwaukee, WI: $600 Minimum
Continental USA: $1,800 Minimum
  • Available: Monday - Saturday.   Sunday Events can be setup on Saturday (No Sunday service.) 
  • All orders are subject to a $200 Minimum.
  • Anthony's Cell: 815-557-5117 Best days & hours to call:  Monday - Thursday 10am - 2pm
  • For a quote please fill out the contact form or email:

Q:  How long will my balloons float?

A:  We use Ultra High Float in all of our latex helium balloons to ensure a superior float time! Treated balloons can float for a week or more when used indoors.

Q:  Can we use Helium balloons outdoors?

A:  We do Not recommend helium balloons for outdoor use.

 - The "Windy-City" tends to be a bit too Windy for helium balloons...

Q:  What balloon decor options work well outdoors?

A:  Arches, Columns, and some sculptures all work great outdoors. The following are great examples of what does NOT work well outdoors: Tunnels, Walls, HELIUM, drops, Detailed sculptures.



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